Ezis and Citrix as partners

Citrix Partner LogoVirtual desktop technology is maybe not as new as you think? Ezis has been using and deploying Citrix since the company started, and in fact it was a specialist subject of our Directors before Ezis was even born. Citrix has often been mistaken as an application delivery system, which is of course something it can do very well with its XenApp product but savvy customers have been using Citrix for virtual desktop functionality over over a decade.

Ezis has been a partner of Citrix for many years and have successfully installed, supported and migrated Citrix installations for dozens of clients. Many of these installations perform the most critical business function: the end user desktop for the entire company.

Whilst Citrix itself is not a complex technological solution, our lengthy specialist expertise in the deployment of Citrix adds significant value to your investment.

You can find us at Citrix using the Citrix Partner Locator tool.


Citrix Logo

Citrix is such a flexible set of products, it can provide solutions for so many scenarios. Ezis know how to get the best out of what it can offer.